Our Story

Blush & Bullets Gun Club was founded in January 2012 to educate women in the proper use and handling of a firearm for self protection and recreational enjoyment. Blush & Bullets was also created to make available quality educational programs as well as provide a support network of experienced women who have worked through a lot of the same firearm questions a gun novice will have. Home invasions, harassment, sexual assaults, and domestic violence are on the rise and women are often categorized as the weaker sex making them a target for these violent crimes. In order to change this “helpless and weak” image, we must empower women to defend themselves, their home, and their family. Something as simple as our club bumper stickers can be a deterrent because of what is written on them - “If we can bear children, we can bear arms.” This phrase warns potential criminals who may attempt to hijack or approach a vehicle that the vehicle’s occupants may have a CCW permit or a firearm in their possession.

The best way for a woman to become self confident with a firearm is to be taught in an environment surrounded by other strong willed and confident women. The goal for our club is to allow as many women as possible to participate in the various courses that we make available to them. The educational programs we offer include: Basics of Gun Safety, Gun Cleaning and Storing Your Firearm, Advanced Gun Safety. We also have referrals for Concealed Carry Weapon and NRA Instructor Certification classes.

Blush & Bullets Gun Club meets at various gun ranges throughout the Central Valley of California. We offer hands on training as well as target shooting.  We make guns of all calibers available to use at every event including but not limited to: .22, .38 special, .380, 9mm, .40 and .45  in order for women to be able to test out the most comfortable handgun for self protection and for future purchases.

 Our membership is more of a sisterhood; the club connects women to each other and helps them to form new friendships. We enjoy our time together and look forward to each event. We bling our clothing, gun bags, caps and other accessories to keep our club feminine, nevertheless we take our shooting and gun rights very seriously. We are making a difference in women’s lives with this organization and the feedback from the women in the surrounding communities proves it. We have a great group of intelligent, courageous, and empowered women.

Join us today and start having some fun!